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Homey 2.0 missing setting to disable internal speaker?

I have my Homey hooked up to a Sonos 5 with the 3.5mm jack and since the update I’m hearing everything double. I cannot find the option anymore like with previous firmware to disable the internal speaker, or am I missing something??

Just like with settings/sounds? Set volume to 0?

Nope unfortunately not, that also kills the 3.5mm output :frowning:

It should be like when u put the jack in, the internal speaker will be disabled so maybe try and put it in again to double check?

Tried again but it did not work, still double voices. I really think this is a bug in 2.0 because worked perfectly before.

@Flight777 This is not a software problem, the plug acts as a switch, pure hardware, when the plug is out, then the internal speaker is connected, when the plug is inserted, then the AUX plug is connected and the internal speaker is switched OFF. If it does not work like this then probably the switch in the plug-connector is broken. You can try to plug-in / plug-out several times to solve the problem, otherwise the connector has to be replaced.

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Mine lost audio out on 3.5mm after update, most likely a software related problem…


Sorry but I cannot place that fully at the moment. The only thing that changed was the 2.0 update, before it worked perfectly, afterwards it stopped working. So either there is something wrong in the software, or the update broke some hardware switch (which is very very unlikely). Or it must be completely coincidental but I don’t believe that.

EDIT, case in point:

@Flight777 “Double Voices” is the opposite from “not playing over Line-Out”
or do I not understand you correctly?
What I understand is, that you hear the sound through the Homey-internal-speaker AND, at the same time, through the speaker(s) of your audio system, that is connected to the AUX-connector on Homey.
Sure you have the right to disagree with me, I don’t mind, just trying to be helpful.