Sonos Stereo Pair - Integration in Homey

Hey Folks,
i recently went ahead an ordered a Homey Pro, know i discovering everything what is possible. I just like to ask the following: During adding of the Sonos Sound System, i also had a Stereo Pair in the Living Room, but this Pair is available as each individual Speaker, but if i fire a trigger to one of them, bot are reacting.
Is this a willed Feature, or is it a small issue with the Driver? I only mind the second Button and the Double Avaiability of all Tags, i can for sure delete on of the two entries (as both do the same) but then i have it in the discovered devices still available (that would be overseeable…)

Is acting like a stereo pair.

That’s what a pair is supposed to do?
But it used to be in Homey as a pair also yes, ur correct. Dunno what changed but having 2 devices doing the same is not that big of an issue imo? For Sonos speakers being in a pair i mean.

Yeah it is not a big issue, but I want to mention it and ask if this has any intend or if it is just an unattended fault

Best ask Athom cause they developed the app. U can make a request here if u like.

Thanks, I’ve done that and will see what is the reply.

When I start a stream from Homey to a stereo pair (2 x SONOS One), it plays through the left channel only, NOT the right. Any thoughts on that?