No speaker sound from Homey (2019 version, firmware 3.2.0)

Hello Forum,
A lot of great info here - awesome.
I have noticed that there is no sound from my Homey. Have used it without so far, but I can see in some posts here that it is supposed to?? If I put in headphones in the mini-jack plug there is sound. I have tried to adjust Audio volume in the app - no success.
Could it be because I have turned off the LED ring?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you hold your homey upside down, without anything plugged into the audio jack, do you hear system recovery and a countdown starting?

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Just to be sure: ledring changes color when you hold it upside down?
If yes: send athom support an email :wink:

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Thanks very much @Kevin - that clarified it, I have send them a support request.