Zigbee Nodes

Hello guys,
my Zigbee Nodes looks like this:

I don’t know if it’s fine or nah. Is somewhere tutorial or more info about those nodes? Why I have question marks on 5 devices? What does means “EndDevice” or “Router”? I have read I can have only 20 Zigbee devices. Is that true?


Not an expert but what I got from it:

A bridge can only connect a limited number of devices (24??).
But devices connected to 220V can act as a router (theres your router explained). Other devices can connect to a router and are therefor not connected directly to the bridge.
So if you have many 220v devices, your network can be much larger then 24. Did not hear of anyone hitting that limit yet

Devices that are not 220v (battery) will. Not function as a router, gues that is what they call an end device here. End devices can connect to a bridge directly or connect to a bridge via a router…

So: if you only buy battery devices, you will hit the limit.
But as soon a you add a 220V device, the number of connected devices doubles, add more 220v and…

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20 devices directly connected is the maximum.

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I don’t recognize the “interview” button and the other columns. This looks like you have something like Tampermonkey active, could that be the case?

Edit: nevermind

I think those are v5 features.

Then it could be as simple as devices that are unsupported under V5 right?

No, even unsupported devices should be routed properly.

Thank you guys…Yes I have v5…so…Is there some tutorial what means each collumn and line in the table? I can’t find anything.