Maximum number of Zigbee devices

Hello everyone,
I can not add more devices.
I carefully read another topic about this question and I understand that there is a maximum of 20 battery-powered devices on one router (220V-powered device), but there are already 2 routers in my network, not counting Homey. I have completely reset my Homey and added all the devices again, but after 22 it is not possible to add a new one.
What devices work as a router, maybe I need a Xiaomi router?
Maybe the switch can not serve as a router?
Although in the device table, these switches are displayed as a router.
Thanks for the help.

I believe it’s;

An outlet powered device can serve as a router. So behind a router, there can be 20 battery powered devices. (Meshed)

Homey -> lightbulb -> buttons, sensors, etc.

Looking at your screenshot, nothing is meshing in your zigbee network. ie: You should see 0 - 10 - 13