Zigbee node losing communications

The are mentioning an zigbee firmware issue but my issue exsist already longer even already in the 9.06 version and this problem persists over the different versions.

Wilco which homey are you using 2023?

I’m using the Homey Pro 2019

In the mean time I tried all the steps suggested by Athom and im still having the same issue. Any one else had better luck than me? Im considering that this might be an app developer issue of the “HUe without the bridge” app. Any way to contact the developer without having to create a github account?

Im seeing that the Hue motion sensors that are directly connected to homey maintains its connection without any hick up, But the sensors that were connected to homey via a router are always dropping connection after a couple of days after re-adding. Any one having the same behaviour?

Yes, on the page where you probably found the github link, there’s also a link to the


Philips Hue without the Brigde

app forum topic!
(It’s in the app store at the PHwotB page)

Well, it depends what brand/model router you are talking about. For instance Innr, Osram, Tuya, Aqara sometimes can be a PITA.
Unfortunately not all Zigbee devices of different brands blend in 100% error free.

This sounds just like the issue with Ikea lights routers + Aqara sensors.
Replace the sensors, or the routers with preferably models from the same brand.

It’s not, all the low-level Zigbee stuff is handled by Homey itself, not by the app. An app is not responsible for (or has any control over) maintaining a connection with a Zigbee device.

Unfortunatly when you click on the link to go to the developer it automaticaly directs you to github :frowning:

Look below that, in the rectangle at the bottom.