Zigbee logging

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I have a zigbee device that is having issues paring… well it’s not just one device but 2 or 3 of same model… Im trying to create a driver for it, but Im not even able to pair it because the operation times out. Is there any way to check zigbee logs or any way to extend this timeout period.
The device im trying to pair is a motion sensor with manufacturer id “_TYZB01_hqbdru35” and product id “TS0202”.
I know about developer tools page but in there I can only interview the device after this one is paired.

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Forgot to mention I have HomeyPro2023

When you run the app via CLI, it returns realtime stdout & stderr logging, maybe it’s useful to you:
$ homey app run --remote

As far as I could see just runs it on the machine instead of running it on a docker container… I tried it but the output is the same.

The --remote option lets it run on the actual Homey
Without that option it should run in a docker container, but my knowledge really stops here.