WPA3 Compatibility, Homey Bridge

What is everyone’s experience using WPA3 security with the Homey environment?
Today I decided to switch my modem from a combination WPA2-PSK [AES] + WPA3-Personal [SAE] network setting to a 100% WPA3 system security setting. My Homey Pro took a long time to load, but appeared to load. My Homey Bridge never loaded. I then attempted to reinstall my HB into my HP23, it was recognized, found my networks but would never accept my network ssid log in credentials. All of my other approx. 150 devices loaded without issue.
Has anyone else experienced the same issue? if so, has anyone found a solution?

No solution here (as far as I could find)…
Homey bridge shares its wifi chip with the Homey 2016-2019 models.
WPA3 was introduced in June, 2018, for manufacturers to implement.

This wifi chip can’t even handle 2.4 - 5GHz networks on one SSID, when trying to set up it’s connection;
so it most probably also can’t handle combined WPA2 - WPA3 secured networks.
It should find WPA2 by it self in theory, but isn’t capable so it seems.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The old Homeys use the MicroSoM SoC’s WiFi implementation, the Bridge uses the ESP32’s WiFi implementation, those are different.

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Thanks, I must have mixed it up with the zigbee chip being shared probably?

Yes, those are the same :smiley:

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Thank you Peter and Robert. Not a critical issue at this time. Will watch for a new Bridge generation and then decide if I replace or supplement.

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I’m fairly sure that the ESP32 in the Bridge supports WPA3, but it has to be enabled in the firmware.

Thank you Robert. Sounds like nothing I can enable. Will ask Homey same questions and if they can update the bridge firmware.