WOOX R7060 smart garden irrigation control

Hi Sjoerd,

I removed all my Zigbee devices. Then, I added the Hue bulbs and then the Woox.

Anyone already tried the Woox Gateway?
If the R7060 is directly connected through the Woox gateway, can I control it with Homey?

Unless you have Woox Gateway integrated with Homey, which I doubt, then NOPE - you can’t unfortunately.

Did you add the Woox while at its own location, or near Homey?
The first way is the way to go.
Else, there’s not much you can do about the route.

I have f.i. a sensor 3 meters away from Homey, it connects via a light upstairs, and a socket in the hallway to Homey in the living.

Oh, the zigbee overview shows the last known route. Not the route. It’s not static


You are a smart man !
You’re right, I added the Woox next to the Homey.
When I add it when it is in the garden, the route goes through the hue bulbs.

Thank you.



Just wanted to thank you all here. This post helped me to choose my irrigation control and to install it. All is working find with Tuya app.
I don’t have any network issue since the installation last Saturday. But I’ve have some devices which repeat the zigbee signal.
It works like a charm with flow and alarm on Homey.

Somebody knows what will happen if there is a power outage with the water opened? :thinking: if not i will try by myself.

It probably stays opened.

Don’t use delays in flows for the ‘Off’ command, but use Chronograph timers (they survive a Homey restart).
Add a waterflow meter, or a metering device on your watercompany’s meter.
Then you can add checks, f.i. x minutes after the water should be shut by the Woox, check if any water is running.

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Hi there,
Can’t get the WOOX R4238 to pair - it should work, shouldn’t it? It pairs with the WOOX app right away, so WiFi connection is there…
What am I doing wrong?

Depends on what app you are using.
Woox = Tuya

You’d use the Homey Tuya Cloud app, and on your phone either the Tuya Smart or the SmartLife app.
Pair the Woox with the mobile app first.
Then you’ll haven’t anything to pair, at the Homey side,
but you’ll have to configure quite a few things.

Here’s all instructions, follow them to the letter please (and take your time):

When you think OMG WTF after reading the instructions, then you’d better wait (for some months or so) for the Tuya official app

Thanks - I was successful even though that valve is not officially support. The „reverse engineering“ instructions helped me perfectly!

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Hello all,
I bought 4 Woox R7060 last year.
I combine them with the R7070-V2 Gateway, and with 5 R6087 smartplugs.
Now, what I experience is that the R7060 reacts on the instructions from the app only now and than. Specially the ones that ar far away from the Gateway have a poor connection.
I tried to put the smartplugs in between the the gateway and the R7060 to improve the mesh network, but that doesn’t seem to help.
Do I need to improve my Wifi signal?
Do I need to install other devices to improve the mesh?

I am using tux cloud and no gateway, and also had issue with respect to connection stability. also because we are getting an WiFi lawn moyer, I installed an additional ap point today… I‘ll report if that improved anything…