Zigbee Soil Moisture

Hi. I have a Soil Moisture sensor made by a friend. It is based on zigbee and previously I had it integrated with the homeassistant via zigbee2mqtt. It worked very well. Due to the fact that I moved to homey pro, I have a question whether it is possible to integrate such a sensor with homey pro?

You’d have to write an app for it, Homey doesn’t have generic Zigbee sensor support.

I wonder if there would be someone who would like to write something like this :slight_smile: … Because the device is sensational and costs only $ 20

How many users have these devices and are willing to contribute / sponsor the Developer?
(And where can we buy them? )

I think it will be a very niche product that is being used by homey pro owners. This is done by one of the homeassistant users
if you want, I can send you contact information. But the very idea of ​​the device appears on the Internet as “DIYRuZ_Flower”

Is it not al title bit the same as this one from Xiaomi? I use this one trough Bluetooth to water the garden.