What to use to measure soil humidity in the garden

What to use to measure sil humidity in the garden? I ubderstand that sonoff would work with homey but you have to flash it. Anybody has an easier solution

Maybe you can take a look at the miflower? In the basic not for outdoor. But very cheap and maybe you can find a way to use it outdoor?

Ecowitt is an option, you can connect up to 8 sensors to one gateway, sensors are designed to live outside unlike MiFlora that I would not have it in the weather. Plus Bluetooth range is pretty low unlike ecowitt on 433MHz.
All my ecowitt sensors from the garden are at least 20m away from the gateway and never missed a beat.
Good priced, too and a superb app by Adrian.


I use one from Gardena, works fine with Homey, but i think you need a Hub (which i have for my lawnmower and sprinklers).
But especially the “new” Gardena garden/soils sensor works very well.

I have the Gardena devices as well.
Didn’t test them on the new HP2023, but it appears to be supported.

Yeah, i gave it running on hp2019, i have not tested it on hp2023.