Wireless mode for Aqara H1 wall switch


I tried adding H1 wall switch (single and double rocker, with neutral) via the Aqara app and via matter through Aqara M2 hub.

Sadly I haven’t been able to make make the wireless mode work. The wireless (or detached) mode makes the switch not disconnect the relay when you press the physical button, but instead emit a button click event.

I have this working in home assistant via zigbee2mqtt. I purchased Homey as some things in HA are overly time consuming, but sadly right now it’s just a waste as without the wireless mode I can’t use it.

Any tips on what I can do?

By the way I’ve read the topic here Aqara Wallswitch H1 as remote device, but my main point of getting homey was to get rid off all of the stuff in running now :frowning:

Looks like only way to get it work is the way that my friend stated in mentioned topic. Using zigbee2MQTT in homey…

@Jiri_Pech do you know if it’s possible to get in touch with the app developers? I’d be willing to contribute financially if they extended the support, I don’t wanna have to keep a device running to make it work :frowning: so far have had quite a bad luck/experience with device support

zigbee2mqtt is just miles ahead of Homey in terms of both device support and feature support.

I’m fairly sure the Aqara app developer won’t be interested in receiving payment for adding new features (only in donations for work that’s already been done).