Issue with Aqara wall switchs (no neutral) QBKG03LM and QBKG04LM

Hi all,
i’m wondering if someone is facing the same issue as me with the Aqara wall switchs (no neutral) QBKG03LM and QBKG04LM.

After pairing it successfully with homey through the app (Aqara & Xiaomi zigbee), the switchs works perfectly in manual mode (i mean by pressing the switch button).

But from Homey app, it work randomly or stop working after some successfull atempts. i get an error message “timed out after 30000 ms”.

The xiaomi app version i use is : 0.8.0
Homey PRO OS V4.0.0
Homey App version

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Had the same problem. Had to remove it, because I wasnt able to make it stable working.