Aqara Wallswitch H1 as remote device

Hi, I have bought Aqara Wallswitch H1 with no neutral (could get with neutral, but it would be complicated wiring). I have added it to homey pro 2023 and tried to turn it off on device. Looks like there is no power going to light. I need constant power to light and use switch just like button for doing something else (setting light temperature and intensity)… is it possible or should I go with another brand?

You’re not switching a smart bulb directly with that wall switch, are you?

You have to connect the lamp directly with the power cable without the Aqara H1 Wallswitch. In addition you have to connect the WS to the power cable.

That’s going to be difficult with a no-neutral switch :grimacing:

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Of course you are absolutely right!

No :slight_smile: I want light to be automatically turned on by move, but color temperature and light intensity varies during the day. Some of our household members dont like warm colours at the evening and they want bright light. So, I have bought wall switch instead of button (because I wanted to be battery free and cover installation hole).

But i someone clicks on wallswitch it cuts power to light… So, I decided to send them back and get H1 with neutral and make the wiring litlle bit compliacated. But the only way I can make it to act as button is to make a flow which says - when its powered on or powered off, then turn it on and make…

Is there a better way?

Can you describe what “a better way” would be? Because it sounds like the switch is doing what it’s supposed to do: act as a trigger device for your flows.

Well, ideal behavior for me is action like a button without any cut of power to light :slight_smile:

Sounds like you would be better of wiring it to be always on and replace the switch with an Aqara wireless H1. Works fine to cover the hole as well and does what you are asking for.

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I asked about that in my first comment, and then you stated that you replaced the switches, so I assumed that you also wired the lights directly (without going through the switch), but I think I misunderstood.

Like @Jacob_Lantz is saying, you have to wire your lights so that they are always powered, and also power the switch so it’s always powered, and then you can use the switch as an input device.

Some smart switches (like the Shelly’s) have a “detached” mode, where you can “disconnect” the switch from the relay, so when you toggle the switch, the only thing that happens is that Homey will receive a signal and can then decide what to do (toggle the relay, or not).

I’ve been using a similar setup, but with Philips Hue switches (without a bridge). However, I’m not quite satisfied with these battery-powered switches as they often don’t respond to the first touch. Sometimes, they only execute the command after multiple clicks. Therefore, I’ve decided to switch to switches that are connected to electricity, in hopes of achieving better performance.
I am using around 90 zigbee devices around the house and lots of them are battery powered now (mostly switches, buttons etc)

Thanks for answer :slight_smile: I will look for Shelly switches :). I was expecting this feature from this device as it is stated here - Smart Wall Switch H1 EU (With Neutral) - Aqara

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I guess that the Homey app for that switch doesn’t support that.

I bet it is not supported, but do you think that I can request this feature? :slight_smile:

Until that I have to be ok with this :smiley:

You could try :smiley:

I run into same problem and as a coincidence Jiri_Pech is my colleague at work. I found, that he is try to solve this on this forum. Funny, isnt it? :slight_smile:
But I found solution (maybe two) how you can use aqara wall powered switch as a remote switch without aqara hub.

I installed zigbee2mqtt on rpi 3, to which I connected sonoff zigbee dongle (recommended on zigbee2mqtt site). Then I paired aqara switch to zigbee2mqtt bridge (rpi + sonoff), installed zigbee2mqtt app on Homey, set aqara switch on bridge portal to decouple mode and voila…switch is powered from wall and rocker doesnt directly control relay, but can be read from homey in flows.

Second solution, which I want to try is to connect sonoff zbmini L2 relay, to which you can connect switch, which seems to be powered from relay. I hope, switch doesnt directly operate relay. But I dont know. Anyway, solution with zigbee2mqtt seems to work.

If there are some details needed, I can post more details.

So isnt he “alway on” (German “immer an” setting in the Aqara app exactly enabling this "decouipled mode?

No, that’s just a software setting to prevent Homey from switching the device off (but it does nothing to prevent a switch action from turning it off).