Aqara wired switch with neutral - acting strange

Hi there,

I have an Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 (with neutral, double rocker), my plan was to use the left rocker wired normally to control my lights and the right rocker to purely run Homey flows. (Not wired to anything)

The issue is that when I turn the right rocker on, everything is fine for a while, but then the “Off” flow is run after 5 mins - even though the light on the rocker is still on.

The log shows that the “Off” flow is started by the rocker. I have tested it with multiple switches and with multiple flows.

I believe the reason might be that there is no enough load on the rocker, but am stumped as to a solution. Is there a code issue as to the way it is functioning? Or is this setup just not going to work? Maybe a dummy load?

Any help or assistance is much appreciated

Don’t own one, but maybe there’s some option in the devices’ advanced settings?

Thanks for the reply.

Barely any options on the advanced settings, according to Aqara there is a minimum wattage on each rocker.

I will come up with a different solution!

Thanks again.