Best Buy Guide needs some help

I bought a bunch of Aqara light switches, they kind of work but not really.

I was hoping to setup a double rocker switch for a ceiling fan. That double rocker switch plus the double relay from aqara. Could not get the switch to work. It always goes into homey as unknown zigbee device and one button works. I wired it into a bathroom with a light and a fan right together so I could ensure it doesn’t work correctly. I got both the light and the fan working on the physical buttons, but nothing would give me two working buttons for the switch in homey.

That switch sort of works. Still always unknown zigbee device in homey, but it works. Power monitoring is only working on 1 of the 4 I installed, but otherwise it works.

Do you gues need some help cleaning up that Best Buy guide?

@Doekse When you have the opportunity, can you check this?

I just checked and these aren’t mentioned in the switches Best Buy Guide, only the Aqara H1 for the European market. :thinking:

For any Aqara devices that currently aren’t available through Homey; Aqara decides which devices do and don’t get added. So be sure to let them know :wink:

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