Switch and Switch module for ceiling fan - US

I have a ceiling fan that is wired into a single light switch (need to use remote while switch is to control light and fan), and I’d like to fix that so it works properly via the physical switch and in automations.

I’ve found the best buy guide fairly unreliable for switches in the US, so I thought I’d ask here…

I have mostly Aqara light switches, so I’d love to get the Aqara two button switch, but the US version isn’t supported by the Aqara Homey app.

I’m thinking the Lutron fan switch will work with Homey.

Lutron Caseta Smart Fan Speed Control Switch, Single-Pole, PD-FSQN-WH, White - Amazon.com

But I’m having a hell of a time finding a dual switch controller that will work. The Aqara and Aeotect dual controllers listed on the Best Buy guide either don’t appear to work or are not available in the US.

Any suggestions?

Shelly makes switch modules that appear to be listed in the Shelly app and as far as I can tell seem like they should work. My biggest problem is I don’t much understand all the specifics.

I’m just looking for a switch module I can wire into the ceiling fan to give me separate control over the fan and the light on a fan that is wired into a single switch. Seems like that should be fairly straight forward, but I’m not sure which switch module will work.