Aqara Wall Switch Double (With Neutral) - Someone try to use second switch to contrrol other device?

Hi folks, I’m building new house and want to buy switches what works with homey.
I decided to use Aqara.
When I start counting how many and what switches I need to buy, got some idea what I never try before and want to know if someone did this and if it works.
This is my bathroom

There are two single switches on plan, one inside and one on the corridor.
I usually forgot to turn off the light above the mirror when I left the bathroom.
I want to install a single switch inside and a double switch outside.
For outside switch, only the left button will be connected to light.
I would like to use right button to talk to homey and switch the light under the mirror (single switch inside)
I sense that this should work as a charm, but I don’t know if there is some side effect like homey UI glitches etc.

Anyone tried something similar with Aquara, any recommendations?