Ceiling Fan w/ Aqara T2 module and double rocker switch

Has anyone successfully connected an Aqara T2 relay module and a double rocker wall switch to Homey Pro?

I see the T2 relay on the “Best Buy” guide, but I do not see it listed in the Aqara Homey app. I do see Aqara H1 double rocker switch in the app, but it looks like its for 2 different light switches, not two buttons for 1 light switch ( Aqara Smart Light Switch (with Neutral, Double Rocker), Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Switch, Remote Control and Set Timer for Home Automation, Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit - Amazon.com).

Hi Nathan,

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You can find the links to it @ the homey.app app pages.

Hmmm, you probably found another error, Nathan.
@Doekse Aqara T2 is in the best buy guide, not in the app:
Screenshot from 2024-05-24 20-10-08

Nathan, I also found this piece of info, as it seems you have to spam Aqara headquarters:

As far as I know,
Single rocker switch switches one light
Double rocker switch can switch 2 different lights

This is the double rocker electrical scheme, from the site you linked to. It can switch two different lights
Screenshot from 2024-05-24 20-15-47

These are the available flow cards, seems OK to me
(a button has been pressed: this can be any button)
(A scene … has been activated with …: used for any button’s double press or long press and such)