Aqara double switch wrks independently

Hello everyone!

I ´ve got a new homey and it works great BUT, when I install a double aqara switch L it pairs fine, but once i pair it with google home it only appears one of the switchs (the left one) so i can no use voice commands for the right switch while using google home.

Thanks if anyone can help!

Make a virtuel device👍

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Haven’t got one so I can’t check what works, but if Google can activate the other switch though Google Home routines, you could create one for it.

If that doesn’t work, you can also activate flows from Google home to achieve the same (new feature!). Make sure to make the flow favorite and refresh the Google Home connection, and then you can either activate the flow itself by voice, or create a routine with a sentence of choice to activate it.

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I ´ve been trying it but i couldn ´t. How is it made?

Great thanks!

The bad thing, is that you don ´t have the virtual switch on google to be used on google nest hub for example.


Try the search, lot of examples easy to find

The suggestion was to either make yet another virtual switch from the homey app that is visible in Google Home, or access flows from Google Home that operate the original switch. I reccomend the latter. Athom made a how to video on calling flows from Google Home. I don’t have the link at hand but you can find references to it in this community or Google it.

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Thanks! I ´ve discovered Virtual device and it works perfect!

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