Will insights log knx devices?

Hi all,
I have a house filled with KNX hardware, and want to build on top of that wired backbone with a wireless solution and I came to Homey for a possibility.
What is quite high on my wishlist is comprehensive logging of everything that happens in my house: lights on/off, temperature per room in combination with when the thermostat kicked in, etc
Does anyone have any experience with Homey Insights in combination with KNX?


AFAIK, Insights doesn’t show on/off (boolean) events, only numerical ones (temperature, humidity, brightness, etc).

If you want the most flexibility, perhaps using InfluxDB in combination with Grafana is a better choice. There’s an InfluxDB app for Homey.

Thanks for the tip, I would still like to tell me that Homey Insights works with KNX devices :slight_smile:

Insights should work with KNX devices, but (as aforementioned) only with numerical values. So it will not show lights on/off or when the thermostat turned on/off.