Homey v2.0 Insights for Virtual Devices not possible anymore?

With Homey 1.5 you could view insights for virtual devices which worked like a charm.

I suppose this is not possible anymore with version 2.0?

Are the virtual devices your trying to view in insights simple toggle on/off devices?

I don’t think that it is an issue of ‘virtual devices’ not being shown with in the insights as groups still show. But no toggle device (that is a device with a on/off boolean) will show on insights, including lights etc.

These devices are mainly motion/light/433Mhz sensors originally created as homeyduino projects. These I have ported to communicate using MQTT recently. The virtual devices were the containers to visualize those properties which worked nicely. Now none of these devices have insights anymore.

Binary 0/1, true/false, on/off, yes/no show instead with in the app by swiping the way to the right.

But yes I agree, I miss seeing how leaving the window open affects the Air con temp. Seeing when the dishwasher/dryer are on and comparing that to the overall power useage. Seeing when my blinds are up and how that has effect the LUX rating. etc.

The reason it has been removed has to do with the way they have not been able to average out the yes/no values over a large period of time.

Ive through about create an app wrapper for boolean values which converts them to a float number in order to visualize it with in insights … but haven gotten to it yet nor I doubt will I any time soon.

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Yes/no shouldn’t be averaged. I think it’s more a case of a different graphs-engine which doesn’t know how to handle yes/no?

I thought it had to do with the way that they are compressing the data - ie in the last hour show data update in 15 second increments - but if you look at the last 3 months of data it shows it in 1 hour increments. And that is incompatible with boolean yes/no which is triggered at a specific time.

Though I could be completely wrong and misunderstood.

Xiaomi door/window sensors which aren’t virtual devices, only show the battery level. This blows!

A grafanaesque graph engine would have been nice. The current graphing engine is too simplistic. Also stacking of the data e.g. temperature sensors would have been nice.

I guess I will export the data and use influxDb and grafana for my insights.

Thanks anyways. :beers:

Let us know how you go, i’m not even sure if you can export the boolean data.

Also just a heads up - dim level is also not available in insights.

I guess the MQTT Gateway is a better alternative and my last hope.

I ended up doing the following:

  1. send some sensor data with a http request flow card to node-red
  2. parse the data with node-red
  3. store data in influxdb
  4. visualize data with grafana

Not bad for a lazy rainy sunday :beers:

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