Why does "Insights" show identical measured temperature and set temperature

It seems Homey is displaying in insights the measured temperature at a thermostat as being identical to the set temperature, which obviously cannot be correct, since it takes time for a device to heat and cool what’s around it. For example this is a HeatIt Thermostat for underfloor heating

It also happens with some Popp devices. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?

Does the device entry show a correct measured temperature?

Hi Robert, not sure what you mean by “correct”. It’s certainly not the same as the temperature measured by the Aeotec sensor in the same room

It doesn’t matter what other sensors show as a value, it matters if the thermostat device is showing the correct measured temperature or not. If not, it’s most likely to be a bug in the app, not in Homey.

You can also try and find the device on this page: Homey Developer Tools

And see if measure_temperature and target_temperature are correct (that is, that measure_temperature reflects the current temperature and target_temperature reflects the setpoint).

Ok, how do I know if the measured temperature from the device is correct? Like I said, I assume not because it’s identical, which doesn’t seem plausible

@K_S At least you could have a look to see if they are the same?

If they are the same, then change the target and look again if it has changed in the Developers Tools.

My Tado Thermostat shows different values:


Exactly. It could be an issue with the app setting both measure_temperature and target_temperature to the same value, in which case the app developer should be notified.

Thanks for the suggestion.

In the developer tools, it seems you can manually set the temperature or heating mode


…but “Insights” immediately shows both set and target the same.

Then a minute or so later, in the developer page, the measured temperature is reported as matching the
target, which is obviously not right (it’s under floor heating under wooden floors so will take many hours for the change to measurable ay the wall thermostat.

I’m not sure whether that means the app is at fault or the athom code that reports the insight?

Because measure_temperature takes on the value of target_temperature in the capabilities table as well (not just in Insights), it sounds like either an app fault ór a device fault (where the device reports an incorrect measured temperature value). You can post an issue here: Issues · Heatit-Controls/no.ThermoFloor · GitHub

Thanks, it’s here: Target and Set temperature always identical · Issue #77 · Heatit-Controls/no.ThermoFloor · GitHub

Well actually somebody from HeatIt eventually emailed back saying:

The internal sensor does do that [measure air as well as floor sensor] but the temperature it reported wasn’t accurate so instead of causing most customers confusion we changed it.

In other words, what is reported as the measured temperature is actually a duplication of the set temperature.

…I’m speechless

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