Homey integration to Homeassistant

After Homey integration into Homeassistant my temp sensors is presented as binary sensors and all marked as ready insted of showing the temperature value. It wont help to delete and reinstall the Homey.
Any ideas what’s wrong or if its possible to change identiy type in Homeassistant?

checked my home assistant, my temp sensors have a binary sensor and normal sensor.
binary sensor is battery alarm and the sensor is temp and humidity.

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Thanks for your replay. I have installed and reinstalled my Homey six to seven times and at all time except for one the sensors are shown as binary sensors with status ready under unused entities/units. After one installation the sensors present correct temperature value. I can not figure out what I did different at that installation. Were do you have your attached example? In the configuration file or in web interface under raw configuration?


here are all your devices

Hi again!
And here are mine:

All my temp sensors has device-class motion and nothing else.

What’s the brand (and model) are your temperature sensors? The MQTT Hub app assumes that devices that have a alarm_motion or alarm_tamper capability are of device class “motion”, and I think that this might be the case in your situation.

I don’t know if the MQTT Hub app (I assume that you’re using that?) has the ability to create multiple HA entities for a single Homey device. Perhaps @HarriedeGroot can help out?

Thanks a lot for your tips and ideas.
Finally I tried to restart the Broadcast button and then my sensors is presented correctly.

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