Neo Coolcam window/door sensor shows as humidity sensor in HomeKit

My Neo Coolcam door sensors show in HomeKit as humidity sensors. All eight of them. There’s no way it seems I can influence that.

I am aware the HomeKit integration is still experimental. Maybe that’s why?!


What capabilities do the devices have? You can find them here: Homey Developer Tools

Here is an example for one of them:

Property Value
ID 24bd8477-7c36-47d2-99a6-48b026e717ee
Name Büro Fenster (l)
Class sensor
Driver homey:app:com.neo:NAS-DS01ZE
Ready Yes
Available Yes
Warning No
Custom icon No
Key Value
token “7e331a9b-55a9-42a6-8511-8c66f691e8ce”
Key Value
zw_node_id “6”
zw_manufacturer_id “600”
zw_product_type_id “3”
zw_product_id “4226”
zw_device_class_basic “BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE”
zw_device_class_generic “GENERIC_TYPE_SENSOR_NOTIFICATION”
zw_device_class_specific “SPECIFIC_TYPE_NOTIFICATION_SENSOR”
zw_firmware_id “”
zw_application_version “3”
zw_application_sub_version “80”
zw_hardware_version “65”
zw_secure “⨯”
zw_battery “✓”
zw_wakeup_interval 43200
zw_wakeup_enabled true
zw_group_1 “1”
zw_group_2 “”
zw_group_3 “”
zw_group_4 “”
off_delay 0
basic_set_level 255
zone_activity_disabled false
zw_configuration_value “”
homekit_exclude false
ID Title Type Value Set Value Last Changed
measure_battery Batterie number 100 6 months ago
alarm_contact Kontakt-Alarm boolean false 60 minutes ago

I see that the HomeKit experiment exports all devices with class “sensor” as humidity sensors :man_facepalming:t3: I doubt this will change in the near future, the experiment only exists so Athom can say that Homey works with “Apple”.

I would suggest using my HomeKitty app instead of the experiment.


Thank you, Robert.
It works in HomeKitty

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