Coolcam doorsensor issue


I have bought a couple of neo coolcam doorsensors that I want to add to my setup.

I can get them to join the home zwave network just fine (unjoin, factory reset, joun). They get recognised just fine and are registered in homey as a door sensor.

The first time I bring the two parts together they trigger an alert. After that however nothing happens any more, they stay in this “contact alarm” status indefinately.

I actually think I am understanding something wrong myself here… can anyone guide me ?

I have checked two of them now, effect is the same.

That is strange, the alert should occur when you separate the two parts, not when joining them. You want it to happen when the door opens, not when it closes…
If it was one i would say it’s defective, but since it is more then one i have no clue.

Open door: did you install the Neo Coolcam app and chose the correct device when joining?

I installed neo coolcam as app within homey amd choose the “door sensor” as device.

It gets recognised without an issue… its like the alams are reversed… i also cannot get them to retrigger, only the first alarm gets thru… then it remains “Stuck”…

Strange. What does the manufacturer information show on the Developer page? Mine shows:

I just dis the complete reset thing again, it appeared to work aalo g as the cover was not installed… with the cover on it does not work and when i remove the cover again it continues to -not- work…

To be completely sure: Are you sure you are holding the magnet at the correct side of the main unit? The stripes should be aligned…

Yes, stripes are alligned…

Very strange. I really have no clue why this happens.

I just had it working with the cover on, but after 2 or 3 times its stuck again… I have also removed the whole neo app from homey and resintalled, also no difference.

I have contatected bangood and requested a refund or replacement.

You could try to
remove the devices (correctly)
uninstall the app
do a ptp (pull the plug for 15 minutes) your Homey
start it again (give it some time to start all necessary things)
reinstall the coolcam app
try to add and use a device again.

I have 5 of them (exactly the same as yours according to the screen print) and they work waaaay better than the Fibaro’s i had before that.

One is now working… I basically just did everything again and again and the last one seems to have stuck… so my letterbox is now guarded by homey and homey will tell me when the mailman has been :slight_smile: