Neo coolcam door sensor stop working after a while - developer panel shows flag as "offline"?

I bought a neo coolcam door sensor on the recommendation of forum members and it was very reliable and fast so I bought the second one to put on my main door.

The second one worked well for a few weeks then one day it started to not work.

I restarted Homey and it worked again, so i thought was a one time thing.

The next day the same problem occured, when I open and close the door to go out it worked but when I came back the door contact alarm didnt notify.

So I unpaired the sensor and repaired and while it works… after a few hours it will become nonresponsive again. But then I went to developer’s panel and i saw this.

Currently the door sensor still works but why is the flag “offline”. Trying to heal or send basic on messages gets error.

The exact same door sensor I have the bathroom door one has no such flag.

I doubt it’s a zwave coverage issue since it is very close to Homey (the bathroom one is further).

Edit : I switched the door sensors I had (and renamed approriately), surprise… the other battery sensor now doesn’t have the flag “offline” even at the same position at the main door.

While the original door sensor (now renamed to bathroomdoor sensor) that was at the main door now placed in the bathroom has “offline” flag. It doesn’t appear to be location related, but something to do with the sensor itself, one of them is always “offline” regardless of position.

Any ideas? For those of you with neo coolcam door sensors can you help by going to and help me see if your neo coolcam door sensor has the flag offline.

It is offline because it is an battery device and asleep 99% of the time.
It only wakes up when you activate the door sensor (for just a few small seconds) and on a certain (adjustable) interval, but that is also just 10 seconds.

When it is asleep you can’t send anything to the device cause well, it is asleep.
Both door sensor’s should show it being offline, so it might definitely be a range issue, range isn’t just determined by the distance, also a lot of things nearby can cause interference on the z-wave frequency and the bathroom one just has the luck that it can go through several other devices to get to homey (which it does according your screenshot)

thanks. so you saying it is expected?

well, that it doesn’t work properly of course not, but the offline is completely normal, yes

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sigh not responding again.

How would you measure zwave signal strength then? or
rule out problems due to that ?

BTW is there a way to force it to use the route I choose? I’ve moved the motion sensor down to almost 1m away from a powered zwave switch. Yet it doesnt route through that.

It should take over that route but as it is a battery device that can take time.

It can help if you wake up the device manually (a few times). It should signal the host if you do that.
I believe it is done by pressing the mini switch on the print board 3 times.

Really strange problem, one neocool cam door sensor has flag “offline” another does not. And the one with “offline” works initially then eventually becomes non responsive

It seems to be specially affecting only that sensor. Sadly there is no neo cool specific thread for me to post unlike in the old forum.

I have the same problem with the neo cool door sensor. I have a lot of them and bought another one.