NEO door-sensors changes its status to "Closed" when sending "wake-up"


Sorry to bother you all again; copy of my issue of 09-08-2018, which was left without any reaction.

I have a problem with my NEO door-sensors:

When the door contact is open for more than several hours (variables durations) it changes itself back to closed.

I do not know if it is the NEO door-sensors itself, sending the closed signal to Homey,

OR that it is an issue with Z-Wave, OR an issue with my Homey.

Is this a known problem?

And is there a solution?

This indicates u have more sensors with the same problem?

Yes, 3x.

Can u check if this has something to do with the wake-up interval?

I already checked this, and I think that there is no relation with the wake-up.

But to be certain, is there a way to see (+time) the wake-ups?

The wake-up interval is set in the device itself. Maybe change it to 20 minute or so. Just to test. Mine are set at 43200 seconds.

Ok, I will try this (tomorrow) to see what happens. (Mine are set to 21600).

And maybe make a flow with like when sensor closed—>push message. This way u can maybe track it down a bit further. Just trying to help m8.

I have that sensor on a window that’s (in the summer) always open. The state doesn’t change automaticaly back to closed. But when I reboot Homey, it does change back to closed. Then I have to close and open the Window to get the right state back.

Do you maybe have a automatic nightly reboot sheduled?

Good idea. I will do this. with Pushover. Thanks !!

No, No automatic reboot (or manual) that could be the problem. But thanks.

This evening I had the time to check the issue with the wake-up interval.

Changed the wake-up interval to 301 sec, and YES after the 301 sec de door sensors changes itself back to closed, at the same time as the wake-up.

Yes we (you) found the problem.:grinning

Is this a known issue, with the wake-up?

Solutions / work around?

Hello Paul

Did you found a solution for this problem? Because I’m planning to buy the Neo Door sensors and I don’t want to have the same issue as you are experiencing.

And can you perhaps tell me what your experience is with the range of these sensors. They will be about 6 meters away from a Fibaro Wall Switch (in the same room). Will this be a problem?

Thanks for the info


Hello Jesper,

I did not find a solution and no other reaction.

I will ask the Homey helpdesk, if there IS a solution….

I read about the same issue in another brand. There, it seemed to be a firm-ware problem.

I tried to “stretch” the wake-up interval to 1 week. This worked, meaning that during this week the status of the door sensor was correct. But with the wake-up, the status changed all by itself again. No solution.

About the range; I have had no issues with that. 6 m should be no problem at all.

With regards


Hello Paul

Do you have doors open for one whole week?

Because if your sensor is most of the time in the open state you can probably revert the sensor state.

Kind regards,


Hello Jesper,

Good thinking, but … I do not think that this is a solution.

In my case it was my Velux on the attic that was open for a longer period in this exceptional summer.

When the status changes from open to closed, with the wake-up signal, you can never trust the status, even if you revert the sensor state.

Best regards


Hi @Paul so if you leave it open for lets say a day it will not be a problem ?

Well not really. You can set the wake-up to 1 x per week, the risks of an automatic status change is “only” 1 x in a week.
But you never know when that will be. So the status could be correct or not, you never know for real.

Isn’t this influenced by the “basic set” level parameter?
What if you set that to 0 (no cancelling device alarm)?
I interpret that as that the alarm state shouldn’t be cancelled automatically after some time (like fibaro sensors also do if you don’t change the parameters).

Thanks for this suggestion. I will give it a try …
And I will let you know the results.