Person in a room, Z-Wave issues?

Alright, So I have used a door sensor and a motion sensor to control my bathroom lights for the better part of the last year or so.
But sometime after switching to the new Homey pro it seems to be much less reliable at turning the lights off after leaving.

My logic is: If there is motion in the room after the door is closed, there is probably a person in there, if the door was closed and no motion is detected the room is probably empty.

I used two flows to make this happen:
Sidenote: Bad is Bathroom in Norwegian, so not necessarily related to bad logic…

Trying to debug the problem I also downloaded the Z-wave event log from the developer tools to see if the motion sensor might trigger after the door was shut but no, the commands seem to be arriving in the expected order.
Only event arriving after the “Door shut” event is the “Motion deactivated” from the sensor.

So I was wondering if there where any known bugs related to Z-Wave that can cause this or is there anything I can do to make this work more reliably?

It seems like this was caused by a bug in the zone activity in homey.
This has been working as expected after updating homey to firmware v10.3.2-rc.1