Light continuously on for longer stays

Hi, I hope someone can help. I have a flow where the light in my garage goes on when movement is registered and off after x minutes.
The problem is that this works very poorly when I stay in the garage over time, without the light turning off. Anyone have a flow that solves this?

My flow today:
Lights on: Shared Flow | Homey
Lights off: Shared Flow | Homey

Does that imply the sensor ‘sees’ you moving the whole time? Or is it an other sensor?

Thanks for reply. I only have one sensor and it will basically capture all activity.
It seems to turn off the light x minutes after the first movement, although there are new movements after this.

A flow that extended the time the light is on, according to how much movement there was in the zone over time would have helped. Is something like that possible?

To make it extra complicated, I have an Aeotec garage door controller installed. I wish that when the garage door opened the light turned on, and when it was open (movement or not) the light was always on. When the door is closed, x min until the light switches off if there is no movement in the zone.

Can inform that I use a fibaro dimmer 2 and a fibaro sensor (z-wave).

You put the delay un the second flow before you turn off the light…

But the flow isn’t canceled when there is new movement
The delay / timer should be in the trigger

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Thanks :raised_hands:t3: