Control lights in bedroom + motion detection


I couldn’t find this and I bet someone has a flow that they can share with me.

How does the advanced flows interact with physical switch/button on a device? What is the priority?

If you have a z-wave dimmer in your bedroom and a motion detector. You could say that within a period of time, the motion detector will control the lights.

But if you twist and turn during the night, you don’t want the lights to turn on.
But if you need to go to the bedroom in the middle of the night, what do you do? Go in darkness or push the button on the dimmer. And if you do, will this action block the script in the morning?
If your flow/script says that the lights in the bedroom shall be turned off during the night, will it work to turn on the dimmer with the button and will the flow turn the lights off immediately?


I didn’t fix this issue with flows, but with where I placed the motion sensor(s).

The main sensor is placed on such a place that can’t see the bed, so won’t see me toss and turn.
But will see me as soon as I’m just behind my bed.

This worked pretty well but wanted faster light when getting out of bed.
So later on I added another motion sensor under the bed, but have it excluded from the zone activity (it can look through the door towards the stairs, I don’t want to turn on the light when I’m only going up the stairs and have the door open.), And trigger my night bathroom brake flow with both zone activity, and the underbed motion sensor.

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Thank you for this idea of putting another detector under the bed.

That might just work for me aswell.

Will buy more sensors and test it out :slight_smile:

Still open for solutions to do it with an advanced flow also.

The problem I think is that most motion sensors have a reset time of a couple of seconds so you will be out the door before it can detect a second movement that was not part of the tossing and turning. To get it really fast you can get a bed mat sensor :smiley: