Problems with neo coolcam movement sensor and switches


I am using a Homey pro version 7.2.0
Neo Coolcam app version 2.1.14

Since a few days I have a problem with one of my 10 movement sensors.
It stays in alarm mode and doesn’t recover so the “zone” where it is (garden) stays active and all my automatisation outside for the lights in the garden are useless now. (Evening and night)
They are all included as version V2 butt recognized as V3.

Tried: new battery, wake-up, factory reset and remove / add new.
Nothing helped.

Furthermore I use 7 Wall switches V2.
4 are often “unreachable” when I check “Homey Developer Tools
9 out of 10 times the “test button” does the trick to get them online but I am still puzzled.

Range should not be the issue since they are all in line of sight of the Homey and in the same room (110 m2)
3 other ones (in the same room) don’t have this problems.

Anybody an idea what is going on / wrong?

And what if u put it next to Homey?

1 meter and it connects but problem stays