KNX App - Ideas for workaround for binary sensors

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, the Homey team doesn’t make any improvements, so I have to find a workaround. I’m still really upset because this would be a small change for the Homey team and they just don’t want to do it.

Now to my problem: I have a binary contact on each window that has a group address in the KNX. I also have many presence detectors and motion detectors that I would also like to fully integrate.

My workaround currently looks like this: I use a KNX switch with the group address and then check via flow and device capability if the change is from knx. Then I change the virtual sensor.

However, it is a switch and this means you can press it in the web browser or the mobile app. So I still have to somehow manage that it is not sent to the KNX. Does anyone have an idea for me? Or a better solution? Maybe get the event via MQTT or something? Or a HomeyScript?

Thanks ins advance :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem. I’m using Node-RED and MQTT.
I’m in the begging of the update to my home and it’s working quite good.
Of it will be simpler to use the homey scripting language, but I use Node-RED with good results.
I’m also a bit disappointed with the KNX integration it should be better.


I just want to share with the community a very simple hint for the integration of KNX binary sensors (ON/OFF state of devices; window or door is open/closed etc…) to Homey. I think it is rather a lack in the documentation/user guides then a real hint…

At first glance, one may think KNX binary sensors are simply not supported, as they don’t appear in the devices list of the KNX App. But in fact it is perfectly possible:

For the integration of Binary sensors you can simply use a compatible “binary” type like “light” or “switch”. For these types of devices there are two parameters (“command/switch” and “status”) that are to be linked to your KNX group address.

The hint is just to link only the status part. You will notice that in the configuration part, when a group address is effectively selected, the value is displayed bold, while when not selected the value remains transparent and with the e.g. text. So in the following image I used a “light” command to link only to a binary sensor “Puerta de Terraza abierta” (Terrace Door opened):

If you later look into the device parameters, you will see that the “switch” part was not set and the device is in fact only a sensor (It won’t inject commands to KNX).

So far I have integrated a lot of my open/close KNX-based sensors this way, and use them in Homey flows, to command temporized lights in doorways and stairs, using these as “when…” events, together with time of day and brightness as triggering conditions.

For the moment the automations are working very well and surprisingly quite fast.

It is true that Homey developers could enhance a bit the KNX App part and for example create “binary sensor” only device. My experience is that KNX integration to Homey is in fact working better than the documentation or the reports of the users in this forum may let us think, even if I agree there are things that that should (and hopefully will) be enhanced.

Hope this will result helpful to people having doubts on how to integrate their KNX binary sensors to Homey.