Ecobee Dashboard Output

Hi All!

Submitted a ticket to Athom, but it’ll take 3 weeks so I thought I’d ask the community. I’ve got an Ecobee thermostat. Here’s an example of its Homey dashboard output:

Screenshot 2024-01-23 131336

The orange badge shows the number ‘67’ and I don’t know where it is coming from. Before anyone jumps in and says “keep reading the badge, idiot, it’s your target temperature,” some context.

At the time this picture was captured from the dashboard, the Ecobee itself shows the following data:
Target Temperature: 68
Sensor Temperatures (four in total): 69 (all four sensors agree)

Could this be as simple as a conversion error? Is it possible that Homey is grabbing raw data and performing its own Celsius to Farenheit conversion and there’s a rounding error?

I’m curious because this is as “close” as I’ve seen it to being accurate. I’ve had situations where it’s said 62 when everything from the target temperature to the sensor temperatures was 5-7 degrees higher. I’m hoping to utilize some automation flows that will draw from Ecobee, but don’t know if I should rely on these numbers or adjust them somehow.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

I think it is indeed a conversion error, I’ll check with the developers to see what is causing this issue. I’ll keep you posted! :wink: :+1:

I dont think this has been resolved?

Having the same issue here. Curious if the developer is working on a fix. Any feedback you are able to share?

The snippit on the left is how I usually run the thermostat (in “cool” mode). There is only one target temperature (74f), as you can see. On the right, when changing the mode to “auto” you can see two target temps (the lower for heat and the upper for cool. Seems that despite the mode being in “cool” mode, it is grabbing the heat threshold instead in the homey app.

Could be coincidence or a conversion error, however, as Hubert’s screenshot is not showing the same behavior.