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Sensors on-line or not?

Hi, I’m using my homey to control the heating system in my house.
Switching the wrong switches is a bit dangerous so I’m looking for ways to improve the system.
Make it more fail-safe and robust.

One problem is the temp sensor readings. They need to be accurate.
Normally readings are ok, but not good enough to rely on.
My fibaro devices sometimes report seriously out-of range temps (like 8000 degrees). They “spike”.

Other problem is timing. Homey still shows temps for missing temp sensors (zwave and zigbee).
Temp readings itself are inaccurate because most sensors react to temperature changes.
To be accurate I need to know if a sensor has been seen on the network.

My questions:

  • Is it possible to ignore these obviously out of range temp readings?
  • Is there a way to find out “device last seen” time from homey?

You can use the “devices” card (Apparaten in Dutch) to check if a device has reported lately:
You can limit the values by:
use logic cards “is bigger than” and “is smaler than” in the AND column.

Most sensors only report on change of temperature, so if there is no change, no reporting, this makes it difficult to determine how long ‘no reporting’ may take, probably it’s better to find a reliable device.