Fibaro Thermostatic heat sensor bluetooth

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I’,m thinking, now that winter is coming, to invest in a smart thermostatic radiator thingy.
Now I found the fibaro one which includes a nice heat sensor… and I still need that :slight_smile:
Can this be paired. I know there is a bluetooth receiver in homey, but I read a lot about it still being deactivated / not being able to control devices etc etc.
How would that work?

If I look here I see that a radiator thermostat is supported by the app. So if that is the one you mention it is. But keep in mind that a radiator nob with temperature sensor sounds great at first but will be influenced by the radiator itself. So it is best to use also other temperature sensors into the equation if you should turn up the heat or not.

For instance when you use a motion sensor with temperature sensor you can add that one so that when the average temperature between all sensors equals x then turn up the heat… or something similar.

I know someone who had replaced all his radiator nobs by smart ones… after a couple of weeks he removed them again because the fact that the radiator nobs are influenced by the radiator and therefore sometimes would close to go full the next hour…

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SOrry, I wasn;t clear. it is about the sensor. not the nob.
They come bundled, but are seperate devices. I did realize about the influence of a sensor being so close to teh radiator. The nob is zigbee / zwave so should be fine indeed.
The sensor is bluetooth. that is why :slight_smile:

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The sensor does work. The knob reports the temparature (through the zwave protocol) to Homey that it’s getting through BLE from the sensor. Tested it by placing the sensor outside, and the temperature dropped instantly.

I do have the issue that after recharging the knob it often stops the the measure_temperature and measure_battery reporting to Homey; I need to remove and readd the knob to Homey before temperature and battery reporting starts working again. Setting the target temprature keeps working (and the senson keep sending the acual temperture) to the knob so everything keeps working. Only the reporing to Homey stops.

I’m still figuring out how to include it all in into Homey, so if you have a suggestion please let me know :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted. I’m getting my knob tomorrow. And started experimenting with Ifttt last night. So hey. We will see :sweat_smile:

@victoroos @Le_Cactus
Does it all still work? I’ve reached out to Fibaro since the knob doesn seem to want to open the valve. The knob and sensor are paired and the temperature is reported to be 17,5 degrees. I’ve set the knob up to 28 last night, but the radiator is only slightly warm and the temperature sticking around 17,5.

I only recently bought the knob+sensor, and i can’t be sure if it ever really worked…

Look at the device on the developers page, you can see there when the device last reported the battery and temperature values. I often have to move heaven and earth to get them to report again, and sometimes even have to remove and re-add the device before things start working again. But the valves themselves always work; they are operated independent from Homey. So if yours doesn’t I would return it.

Hopes this helps, cheers,

Thanks for the reaction.

The knob reports everything just fine. Somehow it just doesn’t respond well to changing the temperature. 6 degrees below the set temperature it keeps the radiator warm to the touch instead of heating to the set temperature. Fibaro Benelux is on the job investigating how on earth this is possible. Also some data i recieve from homey is considered weird, like firmware version, wich is numbered way different than the numbering Fibaro uses.

I’m also having issues with the fibaro thermostatic valve. It used to work fine, but now it can’t keep the correct temperature. Doesn’t matter what the target temp is, the radiator just becomes hot when it should not. Did the factory reset, the calibration, rejoined the network, nothing helps.

I close the valve manually (white) but then it also shuts off zwave and the valve basically becomes useless. The spirit thermostats work better.