Fibaro Temperature Sensor


I have bought a Fibaro Temperature Sensor, kind of without thinking/checking first. Does anybody know if I can use it with Homey? It is not on the list of supported Fibaro devices…

Fibaro Temperature Sensor?? Which one is that?
Because if you are talking about DS18B20 that’s just an accessory., it needs to be wired into a sensor like the door/window sensor or Fibaro UBS. And these assembly is supported by Homey.


Apparently it connects to the Fibaro thermostat head…

Ah, OK. This one indeed is not on the Fibaro app list.
I would create a feature request to Athom.

The Temperature Sensor it’s not a Z-Wave device.
It’s only works in combination with the Fibaro Heat Controller. First at all you have to pair the Heat Controller with the Temperature Sensor (Bluetooth) see manual. Afterward you can include the Heat Controller to homey.

If the Heat Controller is implemented in the right way,
there is no need to do something.