Why are apps developed by athom so poorly supported

Hello, i have 2 apps from athom on my homey that have again problems with the api…
First one is Tado, it lost connection with the devices and after remove and reinstall it never finds the devices anymore when added, screen stays empty…

2nd one is Nest, login got disconnected somehow and now it always says something went wrong wen giving permissions to homey, i did not convert my nest account to google so should still work.
But athom decided to remove the app from the store so i cannot uninstall and reinstall it…

Do others users have problems with one of those apps at the moment and have found a solution?

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Don’t use tado so no clue.

Have no issues here with the nest app (also still on nest account, and didn’t activate the 2nd authentication (you get this prompt when you open the nest mobile app)) but if you know how to sideload an app, the code is still on their github.

Maybe an open door, but you already reported this to Athom support?

Yes offcourse, but always slow to respond and most of the time more questions and no solutions compared to the developers of the “community” made apps.
Some app developers are super quick with solutions and great in communication.
Athom devs simply not :innocent:, last time the Tado issues took 9 months to solve(token lost issue)

Now i get this after an long empty screen after logon:

So Oauth issues again :roll_eyes:

Advise you to remove your picture with personal data, or to strike through the token and id’s.

No, networking issues: the EAI_AGAIN error means that the DNS server that Homey is using was unable to handle the request (which was to look up the IP-address for auth.tado.com). It’s likely to be a temporary issue, but if it remains, try power-cycling your Homey.

And you are sure not uding the BETA app??

Mine also lost contact, found out I´ve never updated to prod app.
Updated to prod app and after that, 3 days ago, no problems.

Tado problem is solved by restarting router/wifi again.
Now only the Nest problem remain, getting this error:

App is not supported anymore but should still work…

I have also problems with 2 Athom apps
Tado, same problem as you described, before the devices lose connection and app crashes it complains about connection time out.
I can’t solve it since January, I randomly ask Athom development to help me since then, no reaction.

Chromecast looses connection to Chromecast audio and JBL link view
Also unfortunately no solution from Athom

Problems look to me as the same sort, loosing connection over time. Maybe this problems have the same root cause as your former fault. What path should I try to solve it?

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Some people reboot their Homey automatically daily, or once every few days.

But Tado only works for an hour or so

If that’s the case, and the app developer isn’t responding, there’s not a whole lot you can do I’m afraid. Perhaps try re-pairing the devices to see if that “resets” Homey.

Done that too, a couple of times.

But I will try to do some research on the connection. Fixing the ip addresses. erik_de_vries got me thinking. Who knows…

My Nest device in Homey says “This device is no longer available in your Nest account” in a red banner when I tap the device.
I too have not converted my Nest account to a Google one, and I can see my Protect device in the app.

Is the Nest problems related to the Works With Nest program retirement mentioned on https://developers.nest.com/ maybe?

And you also didn’t click the button “I understand” instead of “not now” when you opened the official Nest mobile app?
It is a really tricky one that you can click really easily when you don’t read everything, haven’t been able to take a screenshot of the message (at the bottom of the screen) as it hasn’t reappeared yet for me, but have seen it twice now.

It isn’t fully the same reason, it is still using the “works with nest”, but not the default authentication anymore and thus your devices stop working.

I don’t recall the “I understand” button now.
When I run the Nest iOS app i still get asked about the 2 step verification.

Completely agree with you! The Aeotec app from Athom seems to be abandoned. Never got new devices as the new LED bulb or tristate sensor anymore, sensor 7 did got added but does not work.

Oh, forgot to mention the TERRIBLE Bosch-Siemens Home Connect app that simply loses connectivity over and over again without reason and never seems to get fixed.

Chromecast issues where you need to add all of your chromecast devices again after every update. NetAtmo app that does not trigger motion alerts correctly…

I thought Athom created/supported apps would be a lot better, but the community supported apps seem a lot more powerfull. I never had any issues with Heimdall, better logic, etc.

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I asked Athom for adding the Aeotec nanomote quad. A new Nice small remote controller. Their answer was: We are not gonna support this. I think Athom is killing their own company this way.

Sure they said “won’t support it” and not “can’t support this”?

This is part of the answer:
We currently do not have plans to add this device to the Aeotec app.
You can however request the implementation of new devices via this form.

I have sent a request also. I even have sent a message to Stefan on slack, because I think this is a nice small remote device for using with homey.