All tado devices unavailable after Homey update to 2.2.0

All my tado devices are unavailable after I upgraded Homey to 2.2.0 and iOS app 2.4.0. When I click a tado device it reports: Device is unavailable, invalid response (400). That was in tado app 3.0.2. I upgraded to tado 3.0.3. Still the same problem. Restarted Homey, same problem. I have a Homey Pro.

Anybody having similar experience after the Homey update to 2.2.0?

Have had this on 2.1.2 and it was gone with 2.2.0-Rc7. After Update 2.2.0 all was fine till Today.

Reoprted this Issue again to Athom and wait now for their Response.

Thanks. I reported as well.

I had this problem before the update and it is still the same.

The same here

Tado was working fine on 2.2.0 until today.
It must be an Tado <-> Homey issue.

Let’s all report the issues!

I have this problems too since update. Made a request to the support.

From this afternoon I have on all Tado devices an Invalid response (400) error, tried herstarting the Tado app, but did not solved anything. Also created an issue.

I solved the problem with deleting the app and reinstalling it again. Logged in again and all devices were back again.

But then I have to search all flows with tado devices to repair them.

Without doing anything further, all devices start working again around 04:00 CET.

I use presence from Tado, and I came home at this time. I suspect it was a problem at Tado in their API service.

I confirm my tado devices are available again this morning. Indeed the tado API service may have gone down almost simultaneously with people updating Homey to the new firmware and app, causing some confusion.


After deleting and re- adding tado devices(and fixing all my flows) it works again for me…

Restarted Tado-App after Support-Mail from @Bram. Now it works. Seems that the Problem was an Tado-Problem and not a Homey-Tado-App-Problem.


I have only updated to Homey v2 today, but for a number of weeks (2 months?) the integration with Tado hadn’t worked and I never investigated it because I linked it to me not running v2.

Today I updated to Homey v2.4.1, but all my configured Tado devices show a notification and when I want to investigate it shows an “Invalid response (400)” error. The same thing happens when I try to add a new device. Is the Tado <-> Homey integration broken?


First delete all tado devises , then re add them :pray:

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Indeed that is the only way to go

It’s due to a api update of tado. So Athom cannot help it…

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