Tado app keeps breaking, unauthorized


I use the Tado app (version 1.1.4) on my Homey Pro 2019 (version 10.0.9). When it works, it works great but every few days the app breaks and I will receive “unauthorized” error messages.

Repairing the app or reinstall always works; so probably there’s something wrong with the regen tokens. Does anyone else experience the same problem and maybe have the solution?


I noticed the same thing. This morning my heating was still off. Checked the flow that should activate it but it resulted in a 401 error (not authorised).

Repairing the thermostat resolved the issue but it is the second time in 2 days I needed to re-authorise the app.

I had the same thing, kept repairing and renewing token for a few days.
Now it seems to be working again, or at least it has been going well for about three days.

Here also, disconnected every morning

Probably it’s the API Athom uses for tado :man_shrugging:

I’ve no issues with the tadoZones app @ Homey Pro 2019.
You can install it next to the tado app to test if you like.

Also tado cloud has no issues as it seems:

Same here, both with tado app and with tado zones app. I built in errorhandling which restarts the app, waits a minute and tries again as soon as the tado commmand doesn’t work. This helps for now.

Alteady issued a bug-report some weeks ago at Athom but no response yet.

This issue should be fixed in version 1.1.5

See the changelog tado° App for Homey | Homey