TADO app stops working

I have started to have problem with my TADO app on Homey. It stops updating status, from time to time. After a restart of the app, everything is back to normal, takes only a few seconds.

I have look a little into this, and there is a huge increase in memory consumption when it stops working. It grows from normally app 20Mb and goes steadily up to +50Mb to 80Mb. After a restart it is down to 20Mb again.

Using TADO version 3.0.10. Pretty sure it started last week, maybe as part of one of the HOMEY updated?

Anybody else expierence this problem?


No problems here until now, but I use app version 3.1.0 test.

Had that a few times over the past. It is a cloud connection issue. I would suggest filing a support request about to Athom.

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I will do that.

Until they fix it, I have been looking for a “flow” which can kill the TADO app based on memory usage of the app. If not possible to restart the app, then restart Homey, which I know is possible.

I can not find any way to to determine the app memory usage. Not part of logic etc. maybe some app?


I am actually restarting the app by schedule every morning, just in case.

Not aware of any for such specific usecase. But it certainly is possible using the WebAPI. I implemented that in one of my apps to workaround an issue in the Homey core which would cause RAM usage explosion for no reason. The apps RAM utilization is not available anywhere else but by the WebAPI.

Sharkebeard, the disable/enabel of app is a good solution. I will just implement a restart every night, hanks.

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I’m experiencing this crashing behaviour of this app since beginning of 2019. Athom is aware of the problem. A couple of months ago they told me they were working on a update. Maybe the experimental app is the solution. I installed it to follow the behaviour, the normal app didn’t work anyway.

Tado say that their system has had to expand a lot over the past couple of months to accommodate all the new devices and users. They are usually very reliable, but I have experienced 3 occasions where cloud connection went down for maybe 30 minutes

I dont think this is related to TADO at all. The TADO system, incl their apps and web access works. I belive it is a problem in the Homey app for TADO, as it always works right after a restart.
Good to hear that TADO expands, might give us (the users) even more cool stuff.

I am facing the same problems. Never had a problem with version 5 of homey.
I opened a support request and maybe it would be a good idea to do the same.

I use the Homey Tado app for little more than reporting temperatures and don’t have any flows which activate Tado. That said everything appears to be working for me, no red triangles

Hi Philip,

You might not be aware that the app is not working. It will not give any indication, no red triangles or anything. It will just stop updating the temperature.

I have now been running the test version for 24 hours, it is certainly more stable, running for 24 hours with no errors. Nice.

Do not think the testversion is public, however the link is here if you would like to try.

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Hi Friedi, I have already raised a support case, and I got the reply they are working on a new version. The new version is much better, seen from my side. No crash in 24 hours:-)

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I did this also. Right now no problem…

I also installed the test version, but unfortunately it is stuck in the values it got in start up. It doesn’t crash like the old one but it doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

What do you mean exactly? What does not work and what values stuck?

What I mean is that when I start the app all information is refreshed, but after a little time the app is not reflecting the values from Tado any more and the app is not responding to commands anymore.
This is the way the app is for my somehow since the beginning of 2019. Only it always crashed in the past and now the devices look as if they work (which they don’t).

Ah, OK. I need to have a close look.
But when you change e.g. the temperature by homey or tado it works?

Toon_Vos, the behaviour you describe was exactly the what I expierenced in the official version, called 3.0.10.
The new test version called 3.10.0 have solve this in in my system. Which version are you using?

Do you use the cards to put a zone back to the smart schedule in the test app? That card is replaced by a card to set the mode according to the app store, but I see neither card for my zones. For me that makes the app unusable. I know this is to be expected from a test app, but it is a pity because I really like to test it out.