Tado App stop working on Pro

Since a few days tado Thermostate showed as offline/ no connection to.
Inside original tado App everything is good and work’s.
So connection tado Cloud to homey is broken?

App restarted.
Someone else with tado Thermostate problem here?

Yes, me too, all my devices show a red triangle. Also after installing the latest beta version of the app on Homey.

Did you write homey support about this?
Google Home still working with tado.
So i think it’s a homey App problem?

The app works fine for me. Tado version 3.0.10 | Homey version 7.1.4. If restarting the application or restarting Homey didn’t help, I would try support. I’m still wondering if the polling limit has been exceeded, Tado has set a minimum of 5 min (judging by the configuration where I have Tado connected at MagicMirror “In milliseconds the update interval. Default: 300000 (5 minutes). This value cannot be lower than 300000. Otherwise users get a Tado block.”).

Try this,
Goto tado° and logon.
This seems to be needed every once in a while.

Please use version numbers :wink:
I’m on tado⁰ v3.1.13 test, and it works fine.
Homey v7.1.4

Did you try the logon hint I posted above my previous post?

Yes but I cannot understand how it will help the Homey app with logging in… I don’t see the connection.

Afaik, I think the tado⁰ cloud logon expires at some point.
At Homey, you logon to their API, with your tado⁰ cloud credentials.
It’s related, but not the same.

It solved this kind of errors at my and others’ Homey by just logging on to the tado⁰ online account page

Restarted login on App, web, etc.
Nothing. Still same

Owww, sorry to hear that!
You can read this regarding a ‘400 error’.

The only thing I can think of, after reading the ‘400 error’ is to PtP (PullthePlug) Homey for 12 or more mins.

And please report to the developer of the app, support@athom.com.

Homey Pro 7.1.4 with Tado 3.0.10 > No problems. All works fine till yet.

I sent a support request to homey

Were they able to fix the problem?