Issues with Tado app?

Hi Guys, wonder if anybody else is experiencing issues with Tado. I frequently have my devices become unavailable (request timed-out message if I select the device) restarting the app resolves the issue.

Issue appeared I think 2 or 3 weeks ago, running tado app v3.0.10, on homey 6.1.0

Patrick Siebelink

No troubles here. When the time-out message is in Homey, can you access the system through the official Tado app?

Yes, all devices connect fine in the Tado app on my phone. that’s the confusing part

Perhaps try the newer version 3.1.5: tado° | Homey

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No issues here


really had some problems with Tado app recently.And even tado support was clueless about the problem. First I don´t use home or away zones. Every day somebody was pushing temperature up to maximum. First I was suspecting my wife playing with the thermostats…so I added the children security. Next I thought some issues with the thermostat configuration …nothing. Today tado could see the homey connection and they were guessing the problem lies there. So I checked the configuration of the tado app. So…on the first card you see the temperature control when you open the thermostat tiel in homey. On the second card there are three buttons you can choose from. One is called “Tado Smart”, one “smart schedule” and the other one “identify device without cooling”. So we can discard the last one. You can activate and deactivate the “smart schedule”, but “Tado Smart” is without any function. “Smart Schedule” was activated somehow…and this seem to have brought up the problem. But why can´t “Tado Smart” be activated??

What are you expecting it should do when you press Tado Smart?

Well…my guess would be it takes the parameters from the tado app. “Smart Schedule” really.-…no idea where the schedule should come from… but “Tado Smart” button is just there…maybe activated, maybe not who knows as it doesn´t change color when activated or not activated… always the same

I asked athom about that button, and they said that it doesn’t work (they didn’t explain what it should do).
Maybe you can install the test version? Those buttons are replaced in that version: tado° | Homey

Afaik the buttons don’t do anything. I believe they are left over from an older version and should be ignored. They are also not likely to be the cause of your problems.

I deactivated smart schedule and tado seems to work as it should now. If these buttons are not working…whay aren´t they deleted from app… just wondering

Just reinstalled --looks much more logical for me… :slight_smile: Thanks

Now it works perfect…would really like to know why a not working app is in the app market… this may disappoint people.

Only way to get an answer is ask Athom…

Tbh, Tado is the only app from Athom where I have 0 problems with :sweat_smile:

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Just noticed today the the tado bridge can no longer be seen at homey… it just disappeared…reinstalled everything…it didn´t came back :slight_smile:

And that brand new Tado app is here for the Pro too…
And there is already a rest-app for the Pro that is in testfase for ages…
Not getting any any clearer like this… :slight_smile:

A complete new app so it seems:
v1.0.4 test (com.tado2):

Edit link to v3 seems to be removed from the store
Original app (Pro only) v3.1.13 test (com.tado):

Thanks Peter… I installed the V 3.0.12 test version which than turned out to be the v3.1.13 test version… a bit afraid of installing the new version 1.0.8 …on the test version is just a small problem…but that is fine for me

YW! I installed v1.0.8, to play with it.
It installs as separate app alongside v3.1.13