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Vibration Sensor to sense when somebody knocks on the door using a old-school door-knocker

Hi Homey’s,

I’m looking for a vibration or sound sensor that would detect when somebody ‘knocks’ on our door. We have this huge iron door knocking thing. And i’m trying to make it smart. Because if i’m upstairs, i won’t hear it.

So does anyone know a sensor that could do that? It must be pretty sensitive.

Aqara Vibration sensor might do the job.
I use it to detect that the lid of my postbox is opened and closed

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I do the same.

It also has configurable sensitivity (when I replace the battery the sensitivity reverts back to its most sensitive, and the sensor reacts even to gusts of wind, so it’s pretty sensitive).

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I might order that one than I guess to test.

@robertklep how do you change the sensitivity? I do not see any configuration options in the device settings regarding sensitivity? Hope you can help!

I assumed that you could set the sensitivity in the device’s settings :woozy_face: (but I don’t use Homey for Zigbee)

I bought it and I can’t change the sensitivity and it’s not useable.

Any other sensor suggestions?