Motion sensor for Mailbox / Window sensor

Hi all,

I’m working on two projects and I’m wondering if you can recommend devices for me:

1- I want to install a motion sensor in my mailbox. Any recommendation for a good device?

2- I’m trying to get the state of a window (open/closed) into Homey to trigger further actions. Any nice and unobtrusive sensor you can recommend?


You could try the ‘Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor’.
I have a couple of them and they are great!
Get them cheap via Aliexpress.


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Any door sensor will do I guess. Do you prefer zwave, zigbee or 433? Personally I use neo coolcam doorsensors.

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Z-wave or Zigbee?

  1. If Zigbee then Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor. Senses vibration, tilt, acceleration. Just stick it and that’s it, no magnet or anything needed.
  2. If Zigbee then Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor. Very cheap and works great.

If Z-wave, then in In both cases the Neo Coolcam door sensor. Works perfect, reasonably cheap and long lasting battery. You have to have room for the sensor and the magnet.

Strips by Sensative!

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Recessed door sensor by Aeotec!

For mailbox? If outside than this: Making an Aqara Door/Window Sensor Ingress Protection

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Fibaro, just stick in on the side of the mailbox

I have used a Neo motion and a Neo door sensor for the mailbox. When there is movement I get a message that the mailbox is full. When I open the frontdoor my outdoor hue lamps blink purple for a few seconds. When I empty the mailbox all is reset.