Making an Aqara Door/Window Sensor Ingress Protection

Thought I would share the below with others that maybe looking for an IP rated door/window sensor.

I have been looking for an Ingress Protected door/window sensor to go out in the weather on my front gate.
Since I could not find any, I’ve decided to try and mod an existing indoor rated sensor.
Xiaomi are quite cheap comparing with Fibaro or Aeotec so I gave it a go.
I used heat shrink of two sizes to fit both the length and the width of this sensor.
1/ 20mm which I fitted on the width and then a 30mm over the length. It is important that you fit first the width and then the length if the sensor is fitted vertical or the other way around if the sensor is mounted horizontal.

One last tip, be careful with the heat gun, just blow for few seconds and repeat until the heat shrink is well shrined. Too long, and you can barbecue your sensor.

My sensor has been fitted outdoors for two months and it went through some rain. Still going strong.

When I will need to change the battery, just easy dissect the heat shrink and do the above again.

Have fun!

Below few photos. I used black heat shrink as that what I had available at that time.


Interesting approach. Did you already try to remove the heat shrink? With the glue melting onto the sensor I wonder if you can really easily to remove it.

Forgot to mention. I just use normal heat shrink and not the glue type one, as I want to replace the battery when required.

It might not resist pressure wash but at least it will go for heavy rain with no problems.

Great idea for my side gate,

I too have done some experiments with ingress protection and I can say with some certainty that a ziplock bag around a temp/atmosphere sensor before placing it in the freezer … will not work.

It has been raining quite a lot this winter here down under in Melbourne and my home made outdoor rated sensor is going very strong!
@Jamie can be my witness about the rain fall amount…

Yesterday we had some much hail the streets turned white.

Sounds like a Dutch summer!