Garage door sensor (contact/tilt)

Hi, does anyone know of either a contact sensor or tilt sensor that I can use to check if my garage door is open or closed? Prefer if it works outdoor.

I have tried Fibaro Door/Window on the inside of the door, but it doesn’t work well in low temperature, and I’m also having some signal issues since I have to mount it on the inside. It’s specified to work in 0° and above. I see Aeotech Door/Window 7 can work in -20°, but it’s still only IP20.

Aeotec Door/Window sensor 7 has a much better reception than Fibaro, from my experience mounted on the garage door (inside) where I had to change Fibaro for the fact of 1/ signal and 2/ it died eventually.
Yes, IP20 but you can try have it in a heat shrink. See this Aqara that now it has been sitting for almost 3 years outside in the weather and it still works Making an Aqara Door/Window Sensor Ingress Protection

Thanks for the reply! I liked the idea with heat shrink. I see Aqara also has vibration sensor with tilt angle. Then I don’t need to rely on two components aligned. Have you experience with that?

I don’t own that particular sensor.

Hi @supersonic,

I have a lot of Aqara Door/Window Sensors and two of them with heat shrink protection for external driveway gate and mailbox. I have one also for my garage door (sectional door, sensor mounted internally), without heat shrink cover.
After 1 year the garage one has its battery at 89% and the two “outdoor” sensors about 65-70% each.
Consider that the farthest one is about 20 mt. far from Homey, but I have a Zigbee plug in my garage near the door that works like a router (about 6-7 mt. far from the outdoor sensors).

Feel free to ask for more details, ciao!

I’m not sure if you aware of this, but the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro also has a tilt sensor. This sensor is supported by the app.

I have 2 Aqara vibration sensors and I am not satisfied with them. Changes are not reported, neither tilt changes nor vibrations. Currently many users also have problems with other Aqara sensors, mainly with the temperature sensors. I’m not sure if this may also have something to do with it.

Shelly door/windows sensor 2. I have 3 for garage and shed doors for this purpose and they work well