Outdoor zwave/zigbee door sensors


I have 3 Gates in my garden and want to equip them with open/close sensors. Has anyone have good experiences with outdoor sensors ?

Next to that question, how to extend the connectivity range to those sensors ?

Thanks in advance,


This might be if interest to you

Strips by Sensative!

Thanks Chief !

You know by any chance that they are weather-proof ? And how do you establish and garantee zwave network outdoor ?



Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the tip !!! I’m not a big fan of mods, but I will have a look at it. Hoped for some weather proof (standard) outdoor sensors, hard to find. But @Rocodamelshekima gave me tip using strips from Sensative.



Just got my first strip. Was able to pair and will soon to moumt it to my fence. Curious about the reach