Osram/Ledvance Gardenpole lights + Xiaomi Aqara sensors

I want to use an Aqara door sensor at the back of my garden, where my Zigbee mesh doesn’t reach. So I’m looking for a mains-powered Zigbee device I can put in the backyard that’ll act as a router/repeater.

I’m contemplating buying the Ledvance Gardenpole lights and was wondering whether anyone had experience with these specific lights in combination with Aqara devices.

I ask because Aqara devices are very fussy about what routers they’ll connect to. I found this list with compatible devices, and while it does mention some Osram devices on both the “yes” and “no” lists, it doesn’t mention these particular lights.

It’s a longshot, but if anyone has these devices I’d love to hear your experiences with Aqara sensors successfully routing through the gardenpole lights.

(I say “successfully” because they’ll sometimes route through devices but still regularly drop out or have delayed responses. I had terrible experiences with motion sensors routing through an Innr plug that were solved the moment I replaced it with an Ikea Zigbee repeater, for instance.)

You saved my day! Thx for the link!