Help needed

I want a senor in my fridge to give me a notification if the hem is to high
is this te right flow for this, because when i am running a test nothing happens

If you are running a test the parameters should be matched, so if your freezer is colder than -3.89 it wont send a notification after 60 minutes.

don’t know if the aqara temp sensor is rated for use in a freezer

try switching to if the temp is less than -3,89 send a notification to me (not after 60 minutes unless you want to wait an hour)

I use the non-aqara version in both freezers and fridges for several months now, no problem at all.
Only thing is that the battery level is showing a lower percentage than normal and battery life is getting a bit less because of the cold.

I use them for a year now working like a charm battery is still 70 %.
I have one putting in a plastic waterproof bag and now I know of I can swim in the pool😃

So just drop them in the freezer without protection? They wont clog up with moisture/ice?

Yep. Stuck one on the outside of one of the drawers in one freezer, the other is so tight that i just dropped it inside a drawer. Must say i didn’t have a look at that one for a few months, but it still works… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have a high performance freezer Nd the sensor is well inside: maybe temperature is very stable so not changed.
Try take it out see what happens
And add papertrails app so you cantrack if a flow has triggered.

I had one in a plastic bag, in the freezer - after 3.5 weeks it turned to -100c and remained there.

Guess it suffocated because of lack of oxygen… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Funny Coincidence, I was going to try vacuum packing one next …

Though I suppose this should also work (if you are worried)

When i said i didn’t have a look, i meant physically. I do check the values of course and the time they were last pushed. Working like a charm, even at more than 12 meter’s from Homey in the freezer in the shed back in the garden.

Why? (Or was it just a try)
The lower the vacuum the less heat conduction. So do not vacuum it to deep. Might sound strange but it could result in overheating the components inside the box.

Shouldn’t be an issue with food vacuum packer, given the direct contact and the purpose to cook food through indirect heat. - And the fact its in a freezer. (Though I am still only guessing).

I didn’t end up doping it because I was worried that the pressure created when pulling the air out might damage the sensors, (it is a weather pressure sensor after all).